Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory A (in English)

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  • Laboratorium: 1200-2EN-TCALA1M

Dr hab. Tatiana Korona

Consultation hours (winter semester 2017/2018):

Thursdays, 15:00-16:00 office No 505 (or please contact me through e-mail)

Test results

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General Information

Assessment criteria:

  1. short written tests (10-15 minutes) (almost) every week (5 tests) - 50 points (10 points per test)
  2. written reports - 20 points (including one webmo homework)
  3. one long written test (90 minutes) - in December 2017/January 2018 - 30 points

To get a passing grade students are obliged to gain at least 50 points

Exact requirements for short tests are given by me during the lab. Ask other group members if you were absent for some reason.

It will be possible to a) improve your grade by writing again up to 3 short tests (those with the lowest number of points) in the 3rd week of January (NOT during the lab); b) students who fail to gain 50 points can write again all or selected short tests at the same time. There is however no second chance for the long written test or for the written reports.

With a sick note from your doctor it will be possible to write missing short tests (the same time as above) or organize the long written test.
The written reports should be handled to me without unnecessary delay, i.e. not later than 2 weeks after the exercise has been finished. The last report(s) in the semester should be prepared early enough to make the final grading before the exam, i.e. at least two work-days before the exam.

Please note that copying somebody's else work is forbidden and will result in ZERO points for the report. Downgrading the assessment of the copied report can also be considered.

The long written test will consist of three parts:

  1. a theoretical part (questions similar, but not identical, to those from short tests)
  2. a practical part (a webmo/Gaussian03 exercise similar to one of those you have done during the lab)
  3. questions related mostly to the practical part

Instructions for exercises (password for opening pdf will be given during the Lab)

  1. Exercise 0
  2. Exercise 1
  3. Exercise 2 (report will be due for this exercise!)
  4. Exercise 3
  5. Exercise 4 (2 weeks, report will be due for this exercise!)
  6. Exercise 5
  7. Exercise 6 (report will be due for this exercise!)
  8. Exercise 7 (report will be due for this exercise!)
  9. Exercise 8 (report will be due for this exercise!)
  10. wxMaxima instructions (prepared by Dr. M. Jeziorska )

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Slides for lectures of Professor Bogumil Jeziorski, winter semester 2011/12

  1. Lecture 1
  2. Lecture 2
  3. Lecture 3
  4. Lecture 4
  5. Lecture 5
  6. Lecture 6
  7. Information about Lecture on DFT
  8. Lecture 8
  9. Lecture 9
  10. Lecture 10 (statistical thermodynamics)